Bart Vossen

"My goal is to expand the success of our own marketing automation platform Spike"

My name is Bart Vossen

From 2007 I have been working at Measuremail. First from my role as a project manager for large websites and e-mail projects and later as a professional services manager. In my role as project manager I learned that email services are always part of a larger whole and how nice it is to work together with customers to achieve success.

At the start of 2014 we made the switch with our entire team to start working with Agile and together to make the next generation of our software: Spike - the marketing automation platform from Measuremail.

From 2016 I took the helm of Measuremail in the role of Managing Director. My goal is to further expand the success of our own marketing automation platform Spike by ensuring that both our customers and our own team enjoy working and achieve great success with our package.

Outside of work I have a family (my wife Veronique and son Milan) and I like to go out with them to do fun things. To keep myself in shape (physically and mentally), I practice kickboxing and running. But I also like a nice special beer or stand in the kitchen to try a new dish. For example, my colleagues know my delicious "Waldorf Salad".

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