Peter Nelemans

"I help customers if they have questions about the applications Measuremail, CampaignCloud and Spike"

Hello, my name is Peter! In October 2004 I started at Measuremail, which was then still called TDX, as an application manager. My position is very versatile, because I am actually a kind of "jack of all trades". My main task is to help customers if they have questions about the Measuremail, CampaignCloud and Spike applications.

I actually ended up in the automation / IT world a bit by accident. My first employer had 1 computer (with 2 8 inch floppy drives; no hard drive!) Where everyone had to wait their turn to do their job. Because of this “experience with computers” I ended up in the mainframe (dumb terminals linked to a central computer) world. Here I have held all kinds of positions at various employers (from operator via work planner to database administrator). When, actually a little too late, it became clear to me that the Siemens mainframe use was dying out in the Netherlands, I started to study HTML and script languages ​​and that eventually ended up with TDX / Measuremail.

Fortunately, there is still some free time left over from work, which I like to fill with city trips, photography, reading, Netflixing and cycling.

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