Dennis van der Wielen

"I really turned my hobby into my job"

Hi, my name is Dennis. In September 2014 I started as a trainee development at Measuremail. This was then for the third year internship of the Informatics program at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. After this internship, I worked part-time at Measuremail for a year, next to my study. Because I really liked the first internship, I also did my internship here. During this internship I researched e-mail involvement and how to recognize it using Machine Learning.

I've been busy with the computer since I was a child. During high school I started to program the first things, these were mostly games at the time. Because of my passion for programming, after high school I started the Application Development course at the MBO. During this training I found out that I really wanted to do more in this direction and that is why I went on to study Informatics at the HBO.

In my free time I like to drive a motorcycle. Since February this year I am in possession of a motorcycle license, shortly thereafter I have also purchased my first motorcycle. A real green devil. I often come to work with this. Furthermore, I spend a lot of time on my hobby, namely programming. So yes, I really made my work out of my hobby.

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