Patrick de Vree

"I develop together with other team members on the new e-mail platform"

Hey, my name is Patrick! In January 2014 I started as a trainee development at Measuremail. Now I am a Software Engineer within the Product Innovation Team.

I have already started developing websites when I was 14. The training in vehicle technology that I followed then naturally had nothing to do with websites, so I did not understand much of it. When I started looking for an MBO course, I came across the training in application and media development. I realized that the training matched what I wanted to do. I registered and was accepted at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.

In the third year I had to do an internship of ± 6 months. That's how I ended up at Measuremail and I enjoyed it so much that I did an internship at Measuremail again in my fourth year. After obtaining my diploma, I started studying Computer Science at Avans University of Applied Sciences. At Measuremail I had the opportunity to combine this training with working at Measuremail. As a result, I continue to learn and develop as a programmer. Combining school and work was busy, but also a nice challenge.

My job within Measuremail is Software Engineer within the Product Innovation Team. Together with other team members I develop the new e-mail platform. To be able to work on such a big project at a young age is really crazy! All the different techniques and logic that are used make this very interesting for me.

In addition to my work, I also program it separately. From small trials to complete websites on their own set up servers. Besides programming, I play a MMOPRG game. I also like doing things without the computer like cycling, city trips, photographing, listening to music and watching films & series.

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