Wesley Donker

"I am involved in devising, building, maintaining and expanding both existing and new software"

Hi, I am Wesley and I work as a Software Engineer at Measuremail. I am involved here with devising, building, maintaining and expanding both existing and new software. Because I work within the Customer Success Team of Measuremail, I also regularly work on customer projects. In addition, I provide support with setting up links, or developing customized solutions.

I ended up at Measuremail in 2012 as a trainee for my mbo education Application Developer. I liked this very much and I was also able to complete my graduation project here, after which I started working immediately. Subsequently, I also completed a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, where I had the opportunity to combine this with my work at Measuremail.

I have been interested in technology and computers from an early age. After finishing high school, where I had chosen the direction of electrical engineering, I started the Mechatronics mbo course. This turned out not to be my thing and after a year I decided to go in the direction of software development. That turned out to be a good choice that I have never regretted to this day. I can therefore speak of happiness that my work is also my hobby.

When I'm not converting coffee to code, I like to spend my free time watching a good series or movie, a game or just having a nice dinner or drink somewhere.

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