A good unsubscribe process for the newsletter is often at the bottom of the priority list of marketers. Still, a clear and simple unsubscribe process is very important. Whatever the reason, the unsubscribe process can dramatically change the unsubscribing perception of the organization. If you do it right, you can still make some subscribers change their mind. The following factors are important in a good unsubscribe process.

The unsubscribe link

An open door, but include a unsubscribe link in every e-mail. You are also required by law. Make sure that this link is in the template, so that you can not forget this when drawing up your statement.

Unsubscribe at the right level

If people sign up for one of your newsletters, they must also be able to sign up for this newsletter. However, if someone signs up for multiple newsletters at once, then this person must also be able to sign out for all these newsletters at once. Think carefully about this structure beforehand, because it can be difficult to change it.

Ask for the reason for deregistration

Ask your subscribers about the reason for their unsubscription. This is one of the most important points in a good unsubscribe process. This is very valuable feedback for you and it gives the subscriber the feeling that they can give their opinion. Limit yourself to one or two questions. Do not make the answer fields a mandatory field, because if unsubscribed subscribers do not need to give feedback, they will fill in something randomly. This distorts the results. Review the feedback you receive regularly. If subscribers give specific reasons, try to improve this in later email campaigns.

Adjust profile

Make clear what happens when subscribers click on the unsubscribe link. Are they immediately written out or can they change their preferences on a landing page? Especially when you send several newsletters (for example the weekly and the daily newsletter) it is very useful to include a landing page. You do not immediately lose subscribers, because they can choose to receive the newsletter (in this case) with a different frequency.

Set your goal

What do you want to achieve in addition to a clear and simple opt-out process? Think of what information your subscribers want to give before they leave. For example, if you want subscribed subscribers to stay in touch, you can promote your social media pages. If they do not want to receive your newsletter anymore, that does not necessarily mean that they no longer want contact at all. In any case, make sure that you make a good impression one last time.

Name the benefits of your newsletter

Describe again (briefly) the benefits of your newsletter. Maybe people have forgotten why they initially subscribed to your newsletter. Keep it short.

Measure the percentage of writers

Analyze the trend in the number of unsubscriptions after sending your e-mail campaign. Do you see a higher percentage of writers if you include certain topics in your newsletter? What about the frequency, the day and the time of shipment? Try to find explanations and respond to these trends.

The confirmation

Make it clear on the landing page or in an email that the subscriber has been unsubscribed from the newsletter. Unsubscribe this person immediately. This is a simple process and it is a negative experience for the unsubscribed subscriber if they still receive a newsletter. Indicate how people can register again if they change their mind. 

A bad example: avoid taking 72 hours to unsubscribe your subscribers. 


A good example: subscribed subscribers receive a clear confirmation and know where they can subscribe again.

Do not ask for an e-mail address

Subscribers must be able to write out immediately. Do not ask for an e-mail address that is already known (the unsubscribing subscriber ends up on a personal landing page) and does not let subscribers log in again. Often subscribers have forgotten their password or they no longer know with which e-mail address they are registered. Subscribers must then perform several actions in order to be able to sign out.

With these tips, we do not guarantee that nobody will deregister anymore. Make at least a good last impression and keep unsubscribing subscribers happy.