Email security: it is (even) more fun now! Thanks to the new BIMI standard, it is interesting for marketers to engage in email authentication. And we have a scoop: Measuremail is the first Email Service Provider to offer BIMI to its customers!

What is BIMI?

BIMI makes it possible to display the logo of your organization next to your message in the recipient's inbox. The logo is already displayed before the mail is opened. This is of course very interesting for marketers. The e-mail from your organization is more noticeable in the inbox of your recipient thanks to the display of the logo. Because recipients recognize the logo of your organization, it also helps for more trust among recipients. In short, it ensures more visibility and more open thanks to the increased reliability. BIMI is currently still in a pilot phase. The working group working on BIMI includes Google, LinkedIn, 250ok and Verizon (Yahoo and AOL).

Visual representation of BIMI in an email client on desktop. Source:

How does BIMI work?

Without becoming too technical: to use BIMI, your sender domain must be protected with DMARC. By using DMARC you protect your send domain against misuse such as Phishing en spoofing.

Because phishing and spoofing can have major consequences for organizations, it was decided years ago at Measuremail to protect the send domains of all our customers with DMARC (p = reject), DKIM and SPF, among others. We do this together with our sister organization dmarcian. You do not have to worry about measuring your abuse domain at Measuremail :-).

How do I set up BIMI?

To set up BIMI, you must follow 3 steps:

  1. Make sure that DMARC, DKIM and SPF are configured for your send domain (s)
  2. Make sure you have access to your domain name servers (DNS) and create a new DNS record here: the so-called BIMI DNS entry
  3. Upload your logo in .SVG format to a public location. For example your website, so that you can retrieve the link (URL) to your logo

Visual representation of BIMI in an e-client on mobile. Source:

Does BIMI work in all e-mail clients?

BIMI is currently in a pilot phase. This means that BIMI applies to a small part of the email clients, namely OATH (this includes Yahoo! Mail and AOL). If BIMI is set for your send domain, then your recipients will see your logo in the Yahoo! e-mail clients. Mail and AOL. Other e-mail clients have already indicated that they are interested in participating in the pilot. Google has even indicated to be in 2020 officially to participate. We expect that other e-mail clients will soon come out with news that they will participate in the pilot.

Update: in July 2020 Google indicated to start a pilot with Gmail.

Can I already use BIMI?

That is certainly possible! Because your sender domain as a customer of Measuremail is already protected with DMARC, DKIM and SPF, it is a matter of performing steps 2 and 3. Do you need help with setting up BIMI? Then contact us. Have you completed all the steps? Let us know and we will register you for the pilot. You can then check for yourself whether BIMI is arranged on your domain.