The merger between Measuremail and Tripolis has been successfully completed. Measuremail will continue under the name Tripolis from now on. The Tripolis organization continues to grow thanks to the merger with marketing automation agency Add to Favorites and international e-mail marketing specialist Webpower. The addition of these organizations makes it possible for Tripolis to offer its customers an even broader service and customer support in the field of e-mail marketing and marketing automation solutions.

Working together on existing and new innovative solutions

Tripolis offers a very wide choice of powerful email marketing and marketing automation software solutions. All these email marketing and marketing automation solutions have their own specialties and will be further developed and maintained. The Tripolis team will soon be offering new products, features and upgrades for the current solutions to its customers.

Pascal Kurvers, CEO: “With the latest software releases we are starting a new chapter in the history of Tripolis. By offering world-class proprietary SaaS solutions, all our customers - regardless of their wishes and needs - have the choice at any time to take their relationship with us to the next stage. The needs of our customers to take these steps are central to this. ”

About Tripolis

Tripolis is a Dutch email marketing and marketing automation specialist. The organization is the result of the mergers between the organizations Add to Favorites, Measuremail, Tripolis Solutions and Webpower. With more than 500 customers worldwide, Tripolis has a strong international position. Tripolis offers high-quality and flexible technical solutions for organizations from the higher segment of the market. Day-to-day management will be in the hands of Pascal Kurvers, CEO (formerly Managing Director of Webpower) and Bart Vossen, COO (formerly Managing Director of Measuremail). More than 50 employees work at the three offices in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zoetermeer.