After an extensive check, Measuremail can once again carry the golden Privacy Guarantee of the DDMA! Also at this year's check, DDMA's conclusion is that Measuremail respects the current laws and regulations aimed at protecting personal data. Organizations can therefore be assured that their personal data are safe with Measuremail.

Measuremail has been a member of the DDMA: Data Driven Marketing Association (the industry association for data driven marketing). In that same year we were already allowed Privacy Guarantee feed.

What is the Privacy Guarantee?

In 2010, the DDMA introduced the Privacy Guarantee. Meanwhile, the guarantee has become a concept. It is a handy check for consumers to find out how an organization deals with personal data.

Every year, DDMA checks whether organizations that carry out the guarantee still comply with the laws and regulations of personal data. The Privacy Guarantee is now focused on the AVG and organizations that are allowed to carry the golden Privacy Guarantee comply with these new European laws and regulations.

Besides taking the golden Privacy Guarantee, Measuremail is also ISO 27001 certified. You can therefore be doubly sure that your personal details are safe with Measuremail!