Big news! Measuremail merges with Tripolis Solutions and continues under the brand name Tripolis. Together we fall under the largest Dutch E-mail Service Provider (ESP): Spotler Group. Measuremail and Tripolis Solutions have been working together since the beginning of this year to prepare for the future.

Measuremail and Tripolis Solutions continue together as Tripolis

Measuremail and Tripolis Solutions, both specialists in the email marketing automation market, choose to continue as Tripolis. The merger will give the company more power to grow our email marketing automation platform faster and to improve the quality of its services and services.

Daily management is in the hands of CEO Bram Smits (Tripolis Solutions, pictured left) and COO Bart Vossen (Measuremail, pictured right). Employees in various disciplines work at the offices in Dordrecht and Amsterdam, including in-house development, support, email specialists, designers and consultants. “The merger provides even more knowledge and expertise. This allows us to further improve the quality of our services. All our customers benefit from this ”, says Bart Vossen.

Spike as an email marketing automation platform

The client portfolios of both companies complement each other perfectly. Measuremail is strongly represented in the government, education and online publishing sector. Tripolis has a relatively large number of customers in other sectors, including banks, insurers, but also e-commerce companies. “By combining the knowledge we have gained in different industries, we are able to help every customer grow. Regardless of which industry the customer belongs to ”says Bram Smits.

Thanks to the combination of knowledge, technical teams and the focus on one platform, we can continue developing faster. Bram Smits: "With Spike, we have a proven future-proof technology stack in which innovation, ease of use, reliability and safety are central."

That reliability and safety are very important, is reflected in the ISO 27001 certification that both companies have had for years. In addition, Measuremail is the only E-mail Service Provider (ESP) in the Netherlands that is BIO-compliant.

Part of Spotler Group

The new company Tripolis is part of Spotler Group. With the independent companies: Measuremail, Tripolis, Flowmailer, Spotler NL and Spotler UK, Spotler Group is the largest Dutch E-mail Service Provider (ESP).

With Spike's relational database, advanced data models, integrations and campaigns can be created. In combination with the extensive workflow editor, it is now possible for Spotler Group to offer customized email marketing automation. This position will be strengthened in the coming period, for example by making use of knowledge and additional services within the Spotler Group.