Measuremail has been at the forefront for a long time when it comes to email deliverability and security. There are constantly new developments in this area that we keep a close eye on. Measuremail recently changed DNSSEC toe. DNSSEC is a new development in the area of ​​e-mail security and deliverability.

Deliverability consists of three pillars, namely technology, list hygiene and content. Measuremail is fully responsible for the pillar technique. The technology consists of various parts, including a non-visible digital signature in all e-mails that we send for our customers. In addition to this digital signature, other building blocks are also used, including a building block to optimally combat phishing. These building blocks are so-called DNS additions. However, DNS is not secured by default and these building blocks are therefore insufficiently secured. DNSSEC stands for secure DNS and is used by Measuremail when sending e-mails. DNSSEC is therefore a safeguard of the deliverability and security building blocks such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC. SIDN is the driver behind this standard.