At Measuremail, the security and authenticity of our customers' email traffic is paramount. Every day, our authentication & deliverability specialist is busy following the latest developments and trends and how we can respond to them.

The e-mail traffic sent from Measuremail is protected by default. We therefore use the open standards SPF, DKIM and DMARC. By using these standards you are sure that the mail remains authentic.

We have also added STARTTLS since this week. This security based on TLS (SSL) encrypts the exchange of e-mail between servers, with the result that external parties can no longer easily sniff through the e-mail. This means that when the mail is sent from Measuremail to Gmail, for example, the connection is closed. How this works is illustrated in the following images from Google:

Without TLS

Connection without TLS

With TLS

Connection with TLS








Soon, Google will start showing notifications in Gmail, among others, if e-mail has been received via an unencrypted connection. Developments in email security and authenticity continue to grow. We continue to monitor and optimize developments in security and authentication. This way you are assured that your e-mail traffic that runs via Measuremail is always secure!