Measuremail regularly gives workshops and training courses. So Bart and Josine recently given a workshop lead nuturing in higher education at RSM.

During the workshop, which lasted 3 hours, lead nurturing was explained in the perspective of Customer Life Cycles and applications were developed within the higher education sector. The workshop consisted of two parts: an informative and an interactive part. Especially the interactive part, in which participants were asked to apply the theory in their practice on the basis of previously collected input, had a lively contribution from the participants. In addition, this resulted in many practical insights. Among other things, attention was paid to current marketing activities, factors influencing recruitment, conditions for admission, personas and the application of these within lead nurturing processes.

After the workshop, the workshop was positively responded to and the work was done directly on the concrete implementation within the RSM marketing practice. Do you also want a workshop for your organization? Then take get in touch Join us!