Mission vision


"In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, we are experts from the very beginning for companies and institutions that want to take care of their outgoing e-mail in a professional, safe and high-quality way. We make and deliver solutions and offer services and expertise to implement and organize outbound e-mail in a targeted, efficient, responsible and safe manner. With short lines of communication, a service-oriented approach, advanced technology and common sense we manage and manage the optimal design of e-mail processes for our customers. "


"The time of paper and impersonal mass communication is over. In the trend-sensitive world of communication, e-mail has proven to be a permanent channel. The key to successful e-mail processes lies more and more in relevant communication. We believe that relevant communication can only be achieved through an open and integrated approach. Our ambition is therefore to remove ineffective, impersonal and unwanted e-mail from the world! In addition to providing expertise, we make low-threshold and flexible solutions that use relevant information from your customer information systems to intelligently learn through which medium, at what time and in what form the customer can best be reached with your message. " 

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