Technology can no longer be ignored in modern society and forms the basis of good digital communication and marketing. Conceived and developed by fanatic experts with a love for e-mail. Optimized thanks to practical cases.

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Platform Spike

Marketing Automation has never been so simple. From a relatively simple one-off campaign to more complex campaigns with multiple touch points over a longer period of time, you drag them with Spike simply together. This way you always send the right message, at the right time, to the right person. For more information about the Spike functions, go to the website.


In recent years we have worked intensively with our loyal customers to form a good picture of the needs and wishes of today and future marketers. Within Spike we combine 17 years of experience with best practices in e-mail marketing of ourselves and our customers and we make a big step to make marketing automation accessible and understandable for them.

Bart VossenManaging Director - Measuremail
Detailed Rights structure

Detailed rights structure

With a diversity of users, each with their own level of knowledge, you naturally want everyone within your organization to have the opportunity to communicate in their own way. Even when several people have to work on 1 expression. You facilitate it all yourself within our platform. Because let's face it: as a central communication department you want to facilitate, not implement, right?

Innovative template management

The more departments or colleagues want to communicate digitally, the more variants and interpretations of your corporate identity will arise. Prevent a proliferation of appearance and give everyone who wants it a template variant based on your house style. Change elements of your corporate identity in one central place and automatically implement it in all variants.

Innovative template management
Simple Professional Content Distribution

Simple professional content distribution

The time when visitors return to your website by themselves is behind us. You will have to trigger them to read your content. And you don't do that by sending a monthly newsletter. Thanks to the advanced distribution options, you give visitors the opportunity to indicate their interests. They then automatically receive updates when new content is available to them, in their own format, when they want it themselves. That is personalized communication!

Responsive and accessible communication

Developments in email design are going very fast. The behavior of receivers may change even faster under the influence of technical developments. More browsers, more clients, more devices. Make sure that all communication conforms to the correct representation, including in terms of accessibility. Regardless of who compiled the statement. Guaranteed control over your communication.

Responsive and accessible communication
Unique Output options

Unique output options

Your communication by e-mail does not stand alone. It is a link in the entire process. Immediately generate a PDF of your communication for another form of distribution. Or store it automatically in an online archive that fully complies with the requirements of the web and the archive law. Everything is possible.

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